Mobile IGM: PlayStation Minis Retrospective Part 1: Laughing Jackal

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‘PlayStation minis is an interesting platform. From the start it didn’t look destined for success; launched in 2009 alongside Sony’s doomed download-only handheld the PSP Go, the minis platform was Sony’s response to the success of Apple’s app store. A nice idea, but the first wave of minis titles lacked quality, and retailed at a significantly higher price-point than similar titles on iOS and Android. Minis were either derided or, more commonly, simply ignored by the gaming public and press alike.

Four years on, minis releases have all but dried up and the platform has largely been superseded by the Vita-compatible PlayStation Mobile program. However, in it’s troubled lifetime the platform became an unlikely home to some fantastic independent titles. I invited some of the most prolific and talented minis developers to share their experiences of PlayStation development with me, and to retrospectively assess the platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Firstly I contacted Ross Brierley of Laughing Jackal, the studio responsible for minis such as Hungry Giraffe and Ace Armstrong, and the in-development Vita title OMG HD Zombies! You can read the interview below.’

Read the full article on IGM Mobile.

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