Games Shrine: ‘The Mission’ Gets Away with Being Terrible by Being AWESOME


‘I’m about to type out the entire blurb from the batshit 50p-bargain-bin football game The Mission.Anything else I type will soon become irrelevant in the face of sheer genius. Seriously, I can’t think of any game that has a better concept than this, or any topic that is more deserving of its place on a pseudo-intellectual gaming blog. Fuck ludonarrative dissonance in Bioshock Infinite, these are the real issues on the collective lips of the gaming community. Behold:

‘The prized “Geo Merlin” ball has been stolen by the evil forces of Football, the terrible Ninjas. An elite team has been set up, formed of the best football players in the world: Davids, Figo, Kanu, Cole, Henry, Cannavaro, Guardiola, Thuram and Hamann. Together with their coach, Louis Van Gaal, they have to infiltrate the HQ of the Ninjas, which contains many hidden traps and evil surprises. Will they succeed in bringing the ball back and insure the triumph of amazing football?’

Read the full article at Games Shrine.



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