IGM: Hefty Free Update for ‘Invertical’ Released


‘Richard Adams, also known as Oxygen Addict, has just released a significant new update for his puzzle platformer Invertical. The update boasts a significant amount of improvements, and is generously offered for free to those who have purchased the game previously. The update focuses on improvements to the game’s controls, clarity, exploration, and wealth of content.’

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IGM Giveaway: Two Skies Desura Keys!


‘If you’ve read my recent review of Skies, the adventurous shoot-’em-up from Cuve Games, hopefully my enthusiasm piqued your interest. If so, then here’s a great chance to get your hands on the game yourself, as we have two free Desura keys to give away courtesy of Cuve!’

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IGM: ‘Skies’ Review – High Adventure

Untitled‘Throughout this review, I’m going to be very careful not to describe Skies as cinematic, not just because it’s a horrible writing cliché, but also because it’s not as accurate as it would initially seem. Indeed,Skies has all the surface-level hallmarks of a cinematic experience: a rousing orchestral soundtrack, an against-all-odds plot featuring a brave band of adventurers, and a much larger opposing force of warmongering evil. However, let’s face it, the plot lacks the depth of even the most boneheaded Hollywood blockbuster. This is why I think Skies has more in common with the Saturday morning cartoons we enjoyed in our youth – the storylines themselves were merely flimsy, paper-thin excuses to blow some stuff up in an action sequence, but we would happily suspend our disbelief and get whisked off on an adventure with these characters regardless. The dialogue was succinct and refreshingly to the point – little more than a brief reiteration of who were the goodies and who were the baddies – but we liked it that way. It was simple, easy-going entertainment, and Skies brings it all back in gaming form.’

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IGM Mobile: ‘Hyperspace Laserball’ Review – Delightful Retro Lovechild


‘Developer Zayne Black describes Hyperspace Laserball as follows: ‘If Arkanoid (Breakout) and Space Invaders were to have an iffy one-night stand, nine months later, you’d end up with Hyperspace Laserball.’ You see, while I can’t fault Zayne on his description — far from it, it is excellent — he has made my job very difficult. How am I supposed to justify a full review when the developer himself has summarised his game so elegantly and succinctly in a single sentence? Well, having played a fair amount of the game I’m hoping I’ll be able to add some worthwhile opinion and insight. However, if Zayne’s snappy summary doesn’t excite you, it’s probably for the best that you just stop reading now, as nothing I can say will win you round. You know what you’re getting straight away with this one, so you should already have worked out whether or not this is your thing.’

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IGM: The Indie Difference – Comedy


‘[This editorial was originally published in issue 31 of The Indie Game Magazine in March 2013]

The Indie Difference is a new editorial series intended to highlight specific elements that make independently-developed games special. The series is a celebration of the indie gaming hobby, with a particular focus on what differentiates indie games from their big budget, AAA counterparts. This time it is Comedy that falls under the spotlight.

If you’re reading this, then you’re presumably a pretty avid fan of indie games. We all have our own reasons for getting into the wonderful world of independent videogames, but it is likely we all have one thing in common — we turned to indie games because they offered something that mainstream releases didn’t. For me, indie games provided an escape from the po-faced, humorless realism with which the AAA industry has been obsessed this console generation. My discovery of the smaller, self-funded projects opened my eyes to the fact that there was more out there besides hokum, gritty action — videogames could actually be funny!’

Having originally been published in The Indie Game Magazine Issue 31, it’s good to see the article reach a wider audience by becoming freely available for everyone online. Read the full article on IGM online.

IGM: Tactical Hack ‘n’ Slash ‘QuestRun’ Available in Alpha


‘French indie outfit Cuve Games, creators of adventurous shoot-’em-up hybrid Skies, have just released their tactical RPG QuestRun in Alpha. Similarly to the recent Rogue Legacy and a number of other rogue-like indie titles, QuestRun is a game in which death is an inevitability, and your goal is to simply progress as far as you can before you are cruelly and unavoidably defeated. Much like old-school RPG design, the focus here is very much on the gameplay over complex narrative and lore — Cuve themselves have been keen to point out that QuestRun is an RPG for those who have no interest in typical role-playing trappings such as dialogue and continuing plot arcs, a pure and lean approach which throws you in at the deep end with a series of dungeons to fight through.’

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IGM Mobile: PSA: Amazing Roguelike ‘Pitman’ is now on Android


‘Prolific two-person indie team Rat King Entertainment have a treat for Android users — they have recently made four of their games available on the Google Play store, having previously developed only for PC and iOS. Pitman is the jewel in the crown here, but previously iOS-only puzzler Tumblox also makes the leap to Google’s mobile OS, along with Double Rogue and HATESNAKE3D.’

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