The Indie Game Magazine: ‘IGM Dream Team – FuturLab and hermitgames’


‘IGM Dream Team is a new feature series in which I pair up two great indie studios which I believe are compatible in terms of developmental ethos, style, and other factors. I will be discussing how they would work together, and how their hypothetical collaboratively-developed game would turn out. It’s basically an outlet for my nerdy gaming fantasies. I hope you enjoy it!

My very first IGM Dream Team is a marriage of two of my all-time favourite indie studios, and it’s the fantasy team-up that inspired this entire feature concept. I simply love everything that has come from both of these developers, and I see a definite affinity between the two. My selections for the first IGM Dream Team are Futurlab and hermitgames. Below is a quick burst of information on both studios for the unfamiliar.’

Read the full article at The Indie Game Magazine.

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