IGM: Tactical Hack ‘n’ Slash ‘QuestRun’ Available in Alpha


‘French indie outfit Cuve Games, creators of adventurous shoot-’em-up hybrid Skies, have just released their tactical RPG QuestRun in Alpha. Similarly to the recent Rogue Legacy and a number of other rogue-like indie titles, QuestRun is a game in which death is an inevitability, and your goal is to simply progress as far as you can before you are cruelly and unavoidably defeated. Much like old-school RPG design, the focus here is very much on the gameplay over complex narrative and lore — Cuve themselves have been keen to point out that QuestRun is an RPG for those who have no interest in typical role-playing trappings such as dialogue and continuing plot arcs, a pure and lean approach which throws you in at the deep end with a series of dungeons to fight through.’

Read the full story on The Indie Game Magazine.

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