IGM: ‘Skies’ Review – High Adventure

Untitled‘Throughout this review, I’m going to be very careful not to describe Skies as cinematic, not just because it’s a horrible writing cliché, but also because it’s not as accurate as it would initially seem. Indeed,Skies has all the surface-level hallmarks of a cinematic experience: a rousing orchestral soundtrack, an against-all-odds plot featuring a brave band of adventurers, and a much larger opposing force of warmongering evil. However, let’s face it, the plot lacks the depth of even the most boneheaded Hollywood blockbuster. This is why I think Skies has more in common with the Saturday morning cartoons we enjoyed in our youth – the storylines themselves were merely flimsy, paper-thin excuses to blow some stuff up in an action sequence, but we would happily suspend our disbelief and get whisked off on an adventure with these characters regardless. The dialogue was succinct and refreshingly to the point – little more than a brief reiteration of who were the goodies and who were the baddies – but we liked it that way. It was simple, easy-going entertainment, and Skies brings it all back in gaming form.’

Read the full review at The Indie Game Magazine.

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