IGM Dream Team: Black Lab Games and Tin Man Games


IGM Dream Team is a  feature series in which I pair up two great indie studios which I believe are compatible in terms of developmental ethos, style, and other factors. I will be discussing how they would work together, and how their hypothetical collaboratively-developed game would turn out. It’s basically an outlet for my nerdy gaming fantasies. I hope you enjoy it! The first entry is here.

My second pair-up selection for IGM Dream Team is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, as this collaboration could bring about a brilliantly unique hybrid of genres. It’s exactly the sort of game I would make myself, if I had the talent and dedication — a Choose Your Own Adventure style gamebook format, but with flimsy dice-led combat sequences eschewed in favor of proper turn-based battles. If you’re unfamiliar with the two developers I have chosen, you can read a quick burst of information on each studio below.

Read the full article on The Indie Game Magazine.

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