IGM: FuturLab Announce ‘Velocity 2X’ – Gameplay Teased at Gamescom


‘Traditionally, major conferences such as Gamescom are slim pickings when it comes to indie games. However, it is heartening to see an increased focus on indies from both Sony and Microsoft this year, and indicative of their growing importance even in the eyes of the average consumer. One of the most exciting announcements for me personally was Velocity 2X, FuturLab‘s full sequel to Velocity and Velocity Ultra. 

FuturLab revealed that the game was in development for PS4 and PS Vita, and gave us two short teaser videos to tide us over until more info is released — one for story and one for gameplay. The story teaser snappily sets the scene for 2X, with series protagonist and Quarp Jet pilot Kai Tana seemingly recovering from unconsciousness in an unknown area with an all-new antagonist — the Vokh.’

Read the full story on The Indie Game Magazine.

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