GameRanx: I Haven’t Played Many of Gaming’s ‘Classics,’ and I’m Fine with It


I’m a funny sort of gamer, I suppose. Growing up, I always had a strange compulsion to seek out games that nobody else was playing – rummaging through bargain bins, pre-owned marketplaces of unknowns. Potential gems, probable muck.

This is an instinct that’s stuck with me since childhood and, as I get older, I see little changing. I still have an eye for the obscure and the under-appreciated, but the bargain bins are digital now. This is why I now spend much of my free time playing, and writing about, indie games. I still get that childhood thrill of discovery with them, and for me that’s half the fun. Sharing discoveries with others via my writing? Even better.

Read the full article at GameRanx.

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