Pocket Gamer Biz: Nice platform, shame about the marketplace: A PlayStation Mobile developer reveals all


Thomas Hopper talks life on PSM – a lengthy interview/discussion with Thomas Hopper, prolific PSM dev. Cheers, Thom!

‘Whatever your view on PlayStation Mobile – and, such have been the fortunes of the platform to date that, chances are, many of you simply won’t have one – you can’t knock it for a lack of variety.

Alongside a host of acclaimed titles that have also made their mark on smartphones (Rymdkapsel and Nostatic Software’s Quiet, Please! both of note) sit a series of pet projects – half finished hobby efforts utilising Sony’s marketplace as something of a playground.

However, there’s also a third kind of game that, though far rarer, warrants just as much attention, if not more: quality PlayStation Mobile exclusives.

They’re so rare, in fact, that we can only think of one developer betting the farm on such a strategy. For all but one release, PlayStation Mobile is the only place you can play games by Thomas Hopper – 11 games in all now sat on the store including his latest release, Super Tank Poker.

But what is life like as a developer operating almost entirely on a platform that even the most vocal advocates would have to admit hasn’t set the world alight. And why would a studio opt to take a path in the first place?’

Read the full feature on Pocket Gamer Biz.


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