The Indie Game Magazine Issue 35: 11 Pages of My Work


My interview with Odd Sock Games:


My editorial on indie minimalism:


My review of Skies by Cuve Games:


My review of Velocity Ultra by FuturLab:



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IGM Mobile: ‘Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut’ Review – No Need For Light In Your Dreams


Lone Survivor begins by telling you to complete ‘The Ritual’: dimming the lights, using headphones, and even disabling the reassuring ping of trophy notifications. From this moment on, you know it isn’t messing about. It is an atmosphere that wants to consume you entirely. It is serious stuff.

Originally developed by Jasper Byrne for PC and Mac, this Vita version was made possible by the conversion kings at Curve Studios — the team responsible for bringing Thomas Was Alone and Stealth Bastard Inc. to PS Vita. Lone Survivor positions you as a man living out of his apartment block, just eking out a day-to-day existence foraging for baked beans and flashlight batteries in a desolate, infected world. Struggling to sustain your survival is routine, and monsters are now a part and parcel of life.

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Also, this review was retweeted by the game’s creator Jasper Byrne (6,300+ followers) and Sony man / Vita saviour Shahid Kamal Ahmad (8,500+ followers). That’s nice.

IGM Mobile: ‘Parkourasaur’ – Prehistoric, Acrobatic Antics on Android



What do you think of when you think of dinosaurs? Huge, fearsome titans with glistening gnashers? Wild, carnivorous rage? Well, these depictions were simply too mainstream for Uranium Squid, a development team who have gone for a different approach in their latest Android title. Parkourasaur is a free-running platformer starring a surprisingly nimble dinosaur, sprinting and leaping through colourful prehistoric environments.

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IGM Mobile: ‘Chopper Mike’ Free For Today Only Via Amazon



Just a quick one here, but a worthwhile one nonetheless! Chopper Mike by VAMflax is free for one day only on Android if you grab it via Amazon. The game is a lovely-looking 3D helicopter-based time trialler. 3D movement on touchscreens is often a struggle, but the developer has been very keen to emphasise how well the controls work in Chopper Mike. Furthermore, the quality of control has also been talked up by major sites such as IGN.

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IGM Mobile: Retro-Styled Platformer ‘I Am Level’ Free For a Limited Time


As I touched upon with this article about the excellent Life of Pixel, the indie portrayal of ‘retro’ really is rather predictable and pedestrian. There’s only so many times I can see a brand new SNES or NES inspired indie game and stifle my sigh of boredom. It’s been done.

However, what does still excite me is when indies go off the beaten track for their retro inspiration — in this instance, the stark, vivid colours of popular 80s computer ZX Spectrum. Smiling Bag Games have shown just how well this visual style has aged with their new game I Am Level, a platformer for iOS and Android which is available to download absolutely free until October. You can see for yourself how great the game looks in the trailer below.

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